Follow you down, follow Acrobat down, follow Acrobat everywhere! – Interview









I recently hung out with a great Dublin based band, Acrobat, I took some photo’s and asked them a few really deep and personal questions. This, is Acrobat unveiled. I started by verifying their Acrobatic positions, Mark -guitar/vocals, Naoise – bassists, Jacob – drummer and Joe – stoke city.

We then talked about their latest release, Follow You Down which was released April 4th. More than a little excited to promote the single the lads are ready to run the festival circuit they are just waiting on a few green lights, so keep an eye out on Facebook and twitter for updates.

The Follow You Down music video was written and directed by Al Doyle, and Mark filled me in it, “Brian (band manager) got in touch with him we went for a cup of coffee and he had really cool ideas, he thought about the story line, he had listened to the song, came back and was like this is what I feel would work with this and we were delighted that he made something that was so fitting in terms with the pace of the song, its quite uptempo and fast moving and the video is quite uptempo the way it turned out.”

The video is a successful gangster noir, sweeping through the city at night in a very beautiful classic car, a dangerous duo eyeing up a damsel in distress and Acrobat members Mark and Naoise coming to the rescue. An excellent emblem for a great spring/summer track.

We finished up with a few Missta Monsta questions which the band decided would be fun to answer as each other. So, Mark answered as Jacob, Jacob as Naoise, Naoise as Joe, Joe as Mark.

For Mark as Jacob which would you rather be a fish or a bird

‘bird, man, sweet’

For Joe as Mark would you rather go way into the past or way into the future

‘I think Mark would want to go into the past so he could meet jeeeesus’

Jacob as Naoise is this week hakuna matta or yolo

‘you know, I would say….hakuna matata’ (and everyone laughed, aparently one of the four comedians of Acrobat)

Naoise as Joe….to which I said, I actually only had three random questions

‘Bro thats not stoke city bro! That is not stoke city!’ said in Naoise’s best Canadian

Check out the video and the band!


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