Cafe8 Mural



Last March back in glamorous Kure Hiroshima, I collaborated with a great friend, Robert Conti, in the creation of a kickass mural in our favorite bar, Cafe 8, run by Takashi!! We spent a few months sketching random ideas the bubbled up within us as we thought about our time at Cafe 8. Our imaginative melting pot created quite a spectacle, giant frogs, a skate chick, nose flowers and a legged car, to list but a few. This collaboration was one of the most incredible i’ve done and cant wait to get a chance to collaborate again!

This mural is my stamp on Kure, my home away from home for two years of my life. Every time I see Takashi post about his bar on Facebook I see the mural blazing out from the pictures in all its monochromatic glory, and every time I get a craving for tacos and Hawaiian beer.





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