Digital Marketing

I started a Digital Marketing course in the Dublin Business School recently. I’m genuinely interested on how to really utilize online platforms to gain connections and share ideas. If I want to become anyway successful in any artistic field its important to have a good flow of content online and actively build up a growing network of like minded people. (how many more buzzwords can I fit in there :p )

I know people get saturated by the ‘like my page’ build up on Facebook, and in many ways I guess I’m adding to that by embarking on the plethora of social media platforms, blog, tumblr, pintrest, vimeo, (notice the links, I cant help myself) but its similar to the, ‘if you’re not in you cant win’ mentality and I have for the most part avoided social media bombardment, feeling I’m not exactly much to pimp out skills wise, until recently, thank you friends and family.

I’ve really let the ‘if you’re not in you cant win’, sink in! I understand its joining the band wagon, but there are people on that wagon who might like the work I do, be interested in my illustration, my marketing and branding skills, or like my designs. If I’m not uploading, then its just me and my computer, looking at the others who are jamming with the people on that wagon!

So I’m finding my sea legs in self promotion, but more importantly the promotion of Art culture in Ireland!


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