Nesting for CALARTS


So I have been talking about nesting in my life recently. With all the changes of time zone and life style its been a necessity to have a bit of life nesting, sort out my surroundings and make em work for me.

I recently started the CALARTS Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers, a fantastic coursera mooc. Its broken down into different topics rather than eras and discusses many styles within those topics. Its really broadening my understanding of art movements which is my main aim for delving into a bit of art history.

There are also assignments one of which was to build a world in a box (not necessarily in a box). You had to collect objects and creative a narrative framed by a photography with those objects. Since I’m obsessed with nesting right now I chose to make one and damn birds make it look easy. I collected twigs and leaves and whatever looked interest if in the park next to me, I only look a little crazy with my bag of twigs. I had left over pieces of wool from knitting and my trusty glue gun and went for it.

Honestly I haven’t made any sculptures in a while and it felt strange to be crossed legged on my floor surrounded by twigs but once I got into it it felt great to make something. I didn’t have a strict plan, just weave and glue. I started with the bottom and the top and worked towards the middle. Felt like the best method, and it seemed to work. Those was no wrong movement just make and fix together whatever made sense. Without the stress of ‘getting it right’ I got into the flow of things and really enjoyed it.

My core idea was to make a nest and intertwine things I’d collected from Japan and fill the nest with eggs, one egg cracked open and revealing coloured paint. A straight forward dialogue about nesting your creativity to allow ideas to come out.

I’m so happy with this, might try making sculpture more often.






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