Japan has these awesome photo booths called Puri Kura. When I say photo booth, I really mean photo booth on acid. Usually in game stores and often spanning a whole floor. If you see large eyed, skinny, pouting, photo-shopped Japanese girls on sides of what looks like a blocked off arcade game, there’s your Puri Kura. Inside you pick your skin lightness, eye size and some backgrounds and strike a pose! And that’s not even the fun part.

After the pictures are taken, you walk around to the other side of the machine and on an all Japanese computer screen you choose from stickers, stamps, pens, colours, and attack the integrity of the original image.

Now In general, Puri Kura images are cute girlie pictures that most people want to look pretty and, well….socially acceptable. But I was trained in a different Puri Kura art form, mainly ‘Frikken lazer beams’ Puri Kura. Thanks to the awesome Kure Gang, I have a wallet full of ridiculous moments!

The top image is me and Fouz rocking out in Fukuoka last summer! Next is the Kure gang!


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