Franken 20


Tonight is opening night of Sarah Ahern’s one woman show Franken 20 which I have eagerly awaited!

Be right back after the performance 😉

So I should preface, I’m biased, but I’m right! This woman is amazing! Last night Sarah’s performance weaved through the crowd in a deliriously beautiful spin of words carving out a magical, even cinematic world, that for 30 minutes each and every one of us was absorbed in. An intensely visual play, despite a minimalist backdrop, stone wall, black box and two rolling step ladders, props which were all cleverly incorporated into movement and imagination. Sarah’s words painted mountains, cities, star speckled lake sides even  hockey riots while her body painted multiple characters seamlessly interacting, most hauntingly the demon.

The story pulls you in, as you follow Sarah’s adventure to Canada, followed along in mind by Victor Frankenstein and Mary Shelly. The two of them seeping out of Sarah to analyse, absorb, pressurize and push Sarah until, unwanted outbursts from an inner demon break through.

Last night was a part of the collaborations festival and showcased the first half of this incredible play. With two more chances to see it in the Smock Alley theater this week I say go go go! Ms Ahern is definitely one to watch out for this 2014!

Franken 20 Tickets


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