Dublin 2.0


I returned to Ireland last September and was delighted to be home and back with my family and friends. After so long away Ireland had nearly become more novelty to me than Japan was. Ireland, well Dublin, is loud, it bustles, its messy (little dirty) grungy and outspoken. People shout out acknowledgements or share opinions with strangers, not to mention all the fun accents. We bitch with bus drivers on the state of the country, or chat to old ladies about the lovely deals you get in Lidl these days.

Its friendly and its scary. Talk about reverse culture shock. Japan is not exactly dangerous, its has its spots but, its taken me time to get used to the rough edges again here in Dublin. Also the increase of homelessness and the increase of drug abuse on the streets was a lot to process in the first few months back. These are sad and scary, but I love Dublin, the good the bad and the ugly, and I wouldn’t want it to ever be anything other than what it needs to be. 

I’m glad to acclimatize back into a city that has been my life for so long. And for all its rough and ready it never ceases to sparkle. 

Top five new luv et Dublin things since I’m back,

Leap card woop!

Accents cafe

White Lady Art

Bison bar BBQ sauce

Block T





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