I love sketchbooks/notebooks/journals/diaries/visual diaries/scrapbooks/insert appropriate terminology here books, all of them! And I have a fair share of them accumulating around me. I get that pang of anxiety if I leave the house without something to draw on, preferably the current favorite, even when 8/10 times I don’t actually get a chance to sketch. 

While traveling around Japan I made an effort to always draw, to keep a track of ideas and thoughts, even if they seemed completely at odds with my surroundings or as usual completely random ideas. Lately I haven’t been as militant with myself in keeping track and I guess even visual diaries need a chance to re-charge. Thankfully I’m slowly returning to my daily offerings of doodles!

This top image was fueled by my want of cyan hair, although this is a little more turquoise. Orangey red and turquoise, om nom nom nom colour scheme!


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